Do you experience intestinal issues, chronic pain, inflammation, allergies, or mood swings? Do you struggle with your weight and want to feel at home in your body?

Are you ready to reduce stress and be well once and for all?

Food plays a crucial role in balanced mood, healing and continued well-being.

My name is Lisa Mase'. I am an Italian-born culinary medicine educator and food sovereignty activist living in Vermont. I can help you to make wholesome, satisfying food choices.


Two week cleanse to press the reset button on your eating habits, gain nutritional information and try recipes that inspire healthy, delicious cooking and eating

Nutrition consultations to take you through the process of assessing your dietary needs and meeting your health goals - available via phone, Skype or in person

Meal Plans and Recipes to help you simplify your diet, eat more whole foods, and cook according to the season, your constitution, and the changing nature of health

Services such as custom cooking guides, hands-on cooking lessons, prepared meals, and food business consultation

Have you ever been chronically ill or worried about the health of a loved one? Would you like to reduce stress, lose weight and lower your risk of diabetes, heart disease, and cancer? Do you wish you had more energy, got sick less often, and feel about what to eat for your health? A good diet is the gift of lasting health.

Lisa delightfully teaches us how to implement doctor-prescribed food protocols. She listens to our concerns, elicits our cooking strengths and reflects back to us how we can maximize those strengths as a family. Her support, tricks and tips, and recipes turn overwhelming food restrictions into a nourishing challenge we have been able to joyfully take on.
— D.G.
Thank you for teaching me the art of cooking as a way to be mindful and stay healthy with food as medicine. Everyone needs access to these skills.
— Annie M.