The Flavor of Health Course


The Flavor of Health Course


Would you like to grow your knowledge of culinary medicine, heal your gut and reduce stress? Join me for this 8 week online and live course. We being on October 7th.

We will explore food as medicine from the perspective of Chinese Five Element Theory, Ayurveda, the Mediterranean Diet, and Mindful Eating Philosophy.

Each week will build on the previous one and include a live session (recorded if you need to view it at another time) where we will address the topics that are most important to you. We will also delve into an aspect of how traditional nutritional philosophies connect with modern-day science. 

Everyone will have an opportunity to tailor a dietary plans to their individual needs and health goals as well as gain tools to help themselves and their families stay healthy with food as medicine.

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Thank you for joining our healing community. Please email or call 802.598.9206 to schedule your free interview. Based on 10 years of working with clients and a lifetime of experience cooking and eating a traditional diet, I trust I will offer you an integrative perspective on food as medicine.

From mindful eating for stress reduction to learning about your body's internal cues for nourishment, we will delve into the importance of what we eat and how we eat it, too. With traditional nutritional philosophies as our foundation and your common interests as our tools for exploration and growth, we will create a community of wellness.

Weekly live courses will help us deepen our knowledge of culinary medicine and keep us accountable to our daily practice of eating for well-being. You will be able to connect with course participants and instructors throughout the 8 weeks and beyond via email and our online community.

I look forward to working together.